UM6P Science Week 2023 – Complexity Summit

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UM6P Science Week, Complexity, Benguerir-Marrakesh, 20-26 February 2023 Mohamed VI Polytechnic University, Marrakesh-Benguerir, 20-26 February 2023

Programme [ EnglishFrançais ]

Communiqué [ EnglishFrançaisالعربية ]

Keynote Speakers: Edgar Morin, Stephen Wolfram, Luc Steels, Gregory Chaitin, Stuart Kauffman, Ivar Ekeland, Hervé Zwirn, Geoffrey West




UM6P Science Week 2023 – Complexity Summit
Organizers: Fouad Laroui, Saâd Tazi, Reda Benkirane

{ Plenary Sessions  / Adam Smith Tercentenary / Complexité et management (Africa Business School) / Complexity and Algorithms (School of Computer Science) / Complex Problems and Collective Solutions (School of Collective Intelligence) / Complexité et simplicité en architecture (School of Architecture, Planning and Design) / Complexités du développement durable (Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences) / Technical, institutional and political complexity (International Water Research Institute) / Harmonizing complexity: perceptions from natural and social sciences (Materials Science, Energy and Nano-Engineering) / Complexité en management hospitalier (Medical School) }


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Plenary Sessions
Séances plénières

Monday 20 February 2023

Drawings: Sophie Lenormand

Fouad Laroui, Welcoming


Hicham El Habti, President of UM6P, Opening Speech  (7mn)


Fouad Laroui, Why Complexity? (7mn)

Reda Benkirane, Complexity, Golden Age, Dark Age

Saâd Abdesslam Tazi, Complexité, modalités pratiques
Complexity, Practical Modalities


A message from Dr. Tuwana KUPE, vice-chancellor of the University of Pretoria (5mn)


Edgar Morin, Le défi des complexités en temps de crise  (24mn)
The Challenges of Complexities in Times of Crisis


Stephen Wolfram, Foundations and Implications of Complexity (54mn)


Signature, Fund of Louise Fresco (10mn)


David Chavalarias, Toxic Data (1h07mn)
Roundtable with Luc Steels
Moderator: Reda Benkirane


Jamal Chaouki, Comment les entreprises gèrent-elles la complexité (34mn)
How does the Mighty Industry deal with the Complex


Steen Rasmussen, Engineering Artificial Living Materials (34mn)


Hassan Ghaziri, L’ingénieur de demain, entre artefactualisation et complexification (23mn)
Tomorrow’s Engineer, between Artifacts and Complexification


Complexité et ingénierie (33mn)
Complexity and Engineering
Roundtable with Jamal Chaouki, Steen Rasmussen and Hassan Ghaziri
Moderator: Saâd Abdeslam Tazi


Tuesday 21 February 2023

Luc Steels, Promises and Limitations of Contemporary AI (52mn)




Hugues Bersini, Algocratie: les algorithmes vont-ils prendre le pouvoir? (46mn)
Algocracy: Will Algorithms Take Over?


Hervé Zwirn, Computational Irreducibility and Emergence (34mn)


Gregory Chaitin, Complexity in Metamathematics, Friend or Foe? (1h26mn)
Roundtable with Stephen Wolfram, Hervé Zwirn and David Chavalarias

Moderator: Fouad Laroui


Wednesday 22 February 2023

Stuart Kauffman, The Inevitable Anthropocene and our Choices Now: Prolegomenon to a Next Axial Age (58mn)


Ivar Ekeland, The Climate Change. Transition, Bifurcation or Catastrophe? (46mn)


Johan Bollen, Toxic Networks (51mn)

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Session Africa Business School
Complexity and Management

Jean Staune, Comment les principes de la complexité peuvent guider l’organisation des entreprises (30mn)
How Complexity Principles can Guide Business Organization


Amine Belemlih, Le leadership face à la complexité: une perspective par les pratiques (29mn)
Leadership in the Face of Complexity: A Practice Perspective


Complexité et management
Complexity and Management
Table ronde avec Jean Staune, Amine Belemlih, Hervé Zwirn et Ivar Ekeland
Modératrice: Yasmina Lamtiri

Lancement de la chaire Complexités ∞ Humanités (41mn)
Launch of the Chair Complexities ∞ Humanities

Table ronde avec Hicham El Habti, Gregory Chaitin, Stuart Kauffman, Hassan Ghaziri et Reda Benkirane
Modératrice: Yasmina Lamtiri


Thursday 23 February 2023 

Session School of Computer Science
Complexity and Algorithms

Welcoming, Fouad Laroui (3mn)


Opening, Rachid Guerraoui (10mn)


Moshe Vardi, From Aristotle to the Iphone (27mn)


Javier Esparza, The Science of Algorithms (38mn)


Pierre Fraignaud, Locality in Distributed Computing (41mn)


Sergio Rajsbauma, Geometric Explanation of the Impossibility of Democracy



Closing Ahmed Bouajjani and Rachid Guerraoui (6mn)


Raphael Liogier and Fréderic Baitinger, L’être humain est-il complexé avant d’être complexe ? (1h03mn)
Complex Individuals or Individuals full of Complexes?
Moderator: Saâd Abdeslam Tazi


Francis Heylighen, Emergence and Self-Organization (31mn)


Steen Rasmussen, Three Investigations of Human Wealth Evolution over the Last 800 Years (17mn)


David Napier, Emergence and Self-Organization (24mn)

Emergence and Self-Organization (29mn)
Roundtable with Francis Heylighen, Steen Rasmussen, David Napier

Moderator: Johan Bollen


Friday 24 February 2023

Session School of Collective Intelligence
Complex Problems and Collective Solutions

Opening, Sarah Alami (4mn)


Geoffrey West, Cycles, Singularities and Tipping Points in the Life History of Cities, Companies and the Planet (1h04mn)

Stuart Kauffman, Commentary on Geoffrey West’s Talk


Virginia Chaitin, Proposal for Tackling Biases in Algorithms with Social Impact (18mn)


David Napier, Complexity in Health Research: Why Measuring it Matters (16mn)


James Winters, Problem Discovery as a Hard Problem Constraint on Technological Evolution (21mn)


Katherine Peil Kauffman, Emotional Sentience and Collective Behavior (28mn)


Monday 20 February 2023

Colloque Tricentenaire Adam Smith
Adam Smith Tercentenary Colloquium


Dany Robert- Dufour, Mandeville et le renversement de la métaphysique (45mn)


Pierre-Noel Giraud, Que nous ont légué Adam Smith et les classiques? (45mn)


Alain Kirman, La main invisible, Mythe ou réalité ? (34mn)


Table Ronde, Fouad Laroui (22mn)


Muhammed Ali Yildirim, Specialization of Knowledge and Economic Complexity (44mn)
Division des connaissances et complexité économique


Redouane Taouil, La macro économie est elle en crise? (29mn)


Table ronde, Modération Amine Belemlih (12mn)


Wednesday 22 February 2023

Atelier Agriculture durable et sciences de l’environnement
Naviguer dans les complexités du développement durable


Bruno Gérard, Dimensions de la complexité dans l’agriculture durable en Afrique (44mn)


Daniel Nahon, Systèmes complexes naturels, application à l’agriculture (34mn)

Oumar Ba (45mn)


Table Ronde, Saad A Tazi (18mn)


Raphaël Liogier, Alexandre Maurer, Est-ce que l’intelligence est une question de complexité (1h05)
Table ronde
Modération Saâd A. Tazi 


Wednesday 22 February 2023

Atelier Ecole d’architecture et de design
School of Architecture, Planning & Design ( SAP+D )


Simplicité et complexité en architecture (1h45)
Atelier sous la direction de Hassan Radoine


Thursday 23 February 2023
Workshop International Water Research Institute
Technical, institutional and political

Ghani Chehbouni (22 mn)


Charafat Afilal (13mn)


Dara Entekhabi (46mn)


Table Ronde (50mn)


Thursday 23 February 2023

Materials Science, Energy and Nano-Engineering 
Harmonizing complexity: perceptions from natural and social sciences 
Harmonizing complexity : perceptions from natural and social sciences – moderated by Jones Alami (17mn)


Jochen Schneider, Materials design and complexity (45mn)



Panel discussion (1h27mn)
Moderated by Jones Alami
with the participation of Tarik Sabry, Jochen Schneider, Ali Benmakhlouf and Jamal Belahrach


Friday 24 February 2023

Atelier Faculté de médecine 
Workshop Medicine Faculty / Medical School


Gabriel Malka, La complexité en management hospitalier (1h27mn)


Gilles Duhamel, Face à la complexité hospitalière (23mn)





UM6P Content Factory
Short videos

As a movement of thought, #Complexity is gaining ground in intellectual and scientific circles.
But Complexity did not come out of the blue. Its premises are based on an honest realization that the world around us is itself complex in functioning.
Throwback to UM6P Science Week 2023, where UM6P Live spoke to renowned thinkers on the matter.

One would think #technology, social sciences and economics barely intersect, because they tackle life from diverse perspectives. That could not be further from the truth.
It is one perception that the notion of Complexity has been dismantling for years now.
At UM6P Live, last time we witnessed such dismantling was during #UM6P Science Week 2023.
In fact, we seem to have found evidence of #Complexity amongst thinkers in the humanities, hard sciences and business!

In a world of rising connectedness, no phenomenon can be understood separately. No single speciality has a monopoly on making sense of life around us.
Enter the notion of #Complexity, which was the guiding theme of this year’s #UM6P Science Week.
As always, UM6P Live was there to capture the inspiring dynamics of students, guests and prestigious scholars from across the world.


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