Leibniz on Complexity, presentation by Gregory Chaitin

2016 is the tercentenary of the death of the remarkable philosopher/mathematician Leibniz. In this talk we shall present an appreciation of his work on information, computation and complexity leading up to modern work on algorithmic information and conceptual complexity, with applications in epistemological critiques of physics, mathematics and biology.

Gregory Chaitin is an Argentine-American mathematician based in Rio de Janeiro. He is a creator of algorithmic information theory, the discoverer of the remarkable Omega number, and the creator of the field of metabiology, which views evolution as a random walk in software space. Among his books are Algorithmic Information Theory (Cambridge University Press, 1987), Conversations with a Mathematician (Springer, 2002), Meta Math! (Pantheon, 2005), and Proving Darwin (Pantheon, 2012).


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