First independent meta-synthesis of evaluation and oversight results under the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Independent Meta-synthesis under the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy[1], United Nations, December 2021.

This first independent meta-synthesis of evaluation and oversight was commissioned by the Sub-Group on Evaluation of the Resource Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact. It provides collective results from an analysis of over 118 evaluation and oversight reports across Compact entities and has led to aggregated findings, conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations for use by Compact entities in the delivery of quality technical assistance. This report was prepared by an external evaluation team consisting of Dr. Punit Arora (Team Leader), Dr. Reda Benkirane (Counter-Terrorism Expert) and Ms. Xiomara Chavez (Evaluation Expert).

Summary / Chapter “Past, Present and Future of Terrorism” 



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