Articles in English – Position/Policy Papers

by Reda Benkirane


The Alchemy of Revolution: The Role of Social Networks and New Media in the Arab Spring
Geneva Centre for Security Policy, GCSP Policy Paper 2012/7

Geoeconomy and Geopolitics of Oil. Note on the strategic dimension of the Caspian Sea
Aljazeera Centre for Studies, November 2007

The Mediterranean Union and the Geography of Closure
Aljazeera Centre for Studies, August 2008

2007 French Presidential campaign. A landscape of platitudes hiding a fragmented society
Aljazeera Centre for Studies, 25 March 2007

Sombre perspectives for an uncertain future. Review of a prospective report from the British Ministry of Defence
Aljazeera Centre for Studies, 11 April 2007

Fighting double standards in the new multipolar world
Doha Centre for Media Freedom, February 2009

Unveiling French Universalism
Al Ahram Weekly, 4 – 10 March 2004, issue No. 680

Gender issue and « cultural rights »
Al-Ahram Weekly, 23 – 29 March 2006, Issue No. 787

On the origins of the “Clash of civilizations”
Behind the News, World Council of Churches, Geneva, No 13, February 2002


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